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Living Beyond Your Potential.

Welcome to Naturopathic Living, Markham’s premier Naturopathic, Massage and Wellness studio.

Co-founded by Drs. Nadine Cyr and Debbie Smrz, Naturopathic Living is a little different than your typical health clinic.  What you will find here that sets us apart:

Experience – Our Naturopaths (Drs Cyr, Smrz and Lo) have over 25 years combined experience, graduating from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine  in 1998, 2007 and 2011.

Integration – Finding the root cause of your malady is our primary concern, and we realize that this may mean a team approach.  We truly work as an integrative team, discussing cases and determining your best treatment, so when you come to Naturopathic Living, you have a team of highly skiled practitioners looking out for your best interest.

Result Oriented – Our goal is to see you get better, and as driven individuals, we usually achieve our goals.

Community – When Drs. Cyr and Smrz decided to create their dream clinic, there was no question that it would be in the heart of Unionville.  Unionville has real character, small town roots, tradition and a wonderful sense of community.  Having both lived here for so many years and birthed our children at Markham Stouffville hospital, we are excited to be a part of Markham’s infrastructure.  Go to our ‘Resources’ tab and click on Community to see our favourite Markham locations.

Atmosphere – With 20 foot ceilings, community “Message / Event Posting board”, friendly staff, cup of tea and health community library, we strive to be a community resource, not just a place to come to heal.  (although, the healing environment can’t be beat)

Compassion – We truly care.  We have created a team of caring compassionate individuals, all with the goal of helping you live beyond your health potential.

Not sure if this approach is for you? ~ Complimentary 15 minute “Meet the Doctor”

Taking the first step to changing your life can be a big one, so it’s important that you are ready for change and connect well with your Naturopathic Doctor. We encourage you to book a 15 minute “meet the doctor” to see how we can help you and if this approach is the best for you.  There is no charge for this visit, and as our philosophy is to be your guide and companion on your health journey, it’s important that our personalities mesh!

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