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First Appointment

At Naturopathic Living, you are the focus and your wellbeing is our primary concern. We respect your time and will ensure a minimal, if any, wait period.  As Naturopathic Doctors, we take the time to truly listen to each of your health concerns. Your first appointment will be approximately 90 minutes. During this time we will go through a detailed health history and all of your current health concerns, perform a relevant physical exam and run in-house aboratory testing.

To ensure best use of your time in clinic, please complete and bring the Contact Information form as well as the Patient Intake form to your first appointment.  A first morning urine sample is also required for the in house testing, this can be collected in any clean container and stored in a fridge until your visit.

Follow-Up Appointment

At your second visit, a personalized treatment plan will be presented with recommendations to help you achieve your health care goals and get you on the road to ‘optimal living’.  After this, periodic follow-ups will be scheduled to assess progress, make changes to the program and deal with any new concerns that may arise.

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