What is Electro-Dermal Screening?

Electro-Dermal screening measures the electrical resistance on the skin’s surface to detect energy imbalances along acupuncture meridians. The information obtained is NOT used to diagnose or treat disease, but to show possible disharmony within the body and areas that may impede health resolutions. With this information, along with a detailed health history and other tests offered at NatLiving, our practitioners are able to give best treatment of care and usually see faster and longer lasting results.

Our Story and Electrodermal Screening MSAS

NatLiving has had the MSAS machine since we opened our doors, so why are you only hearing about it now? It is by far the most expensive machine we have, but it has been sitting idle for over a year. Quite frankly, it’s because we watched various nutritionists, ‘healers’ and even Naturopathic Doctors use the machine in a questionable manner. We believe the MSAS can give us clues into which direction to proceed for treatment. While the MASA is not used for diagnosis or treatment, it can provide us with an extra layer of information that we combine with what is discovered in the initial consultation, assessment and other tests. It was only when world-renowned German doctor, Dr. Kay Kammerer, paid us a visit and taught us how this machine is used in HIS clinic that we recognized the value of this screening. He was visibly shocked that we were not utilizing our ‘best piece of equipment’ as he put it – he loved our machine.