Bio-Identical Signaling

Cellular functions depend on signaling between molecules within cells and among neighboring cells. The body’s ability to produce these signals is essential to our health, vitality and performance. If there is a deficiency, or if an extra boost is needed, precise bio-identical signaling technology is used to augment the body’s natural signaling capability. With bio-identical signaling the body’s own signals are re-normalized or enhanced.

NanoVi™ technology involves bio-identical signaling, which is designed to augment the body’s precise signal for oxidative response. Oxidative response is the body’s repair and protection mechanism for counteracting oxidative stress damage. NanoVi™ devices have been shown to speed up the repair of DNA double strand breaks and significantly improve other oxidative stress markers. Numerous specific diagnostic tests are used to confirm its benefit.

Benifits we’ve seen in clinic include:

– Better sleep
– more energy
– clearer thinking and focus
– stronger immune system

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