Weight Loss and Health Challenge – Explained!

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by Dr. Natalie Cheng-Kai-On, ND, BSc, RAc
Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Registered Acupunturist

NatLiving Challenges you and the Kick off party is January 22nd, 2018…but what does this Challenge entail?

Since you may be hesitant to join any Challenge, here is some information to help you along.

What kind of Challenge is this?

This is a Challenge to incorporate daily healthy lifestyle habits like water intake, amount of sleep, exercise, and food choices.  All these things will help you to improve your Body Composition.

How do you measure Body Composition?

Body composition is the percentage of muscle, water, and fat in your body.  It is calculated with a BIA (Bio Impedance Analysis).  This machine takes 10 seconds and you don’t feel a thing.  We input your current weight, height, age, and gender into the computer and it prints your measurements.  We will be doing the BIA at the Kickoff party on February 22 (6-7pm).  It will be repeated after 4 weeks, and the 2 measurements will be incorporated into your final score.  For accurate measurement, please drink at least 1 L of water during the day, avoid alcohol, and limit caffeine.

What kind of dietary changes will I have to make?

The BIA will measure your BMR (basal metabolic rate) and then we will calculate how many daily calories you need to consume to lose 1-2 lb of fat weekly.  This number will be given to you, along with a meal plan guide.  Allowed food, serving sizes, and servings allowed will be on the guide.  Every day, you must consume foods from each group: protein, legumes, grain, category 1 vegetables (the leafy, watery vegetables), category 2 vegetables (the starchy vegetables), fruit, nuts & seeds, fat & oil, and dairy/dairy alternatives.  This diet plan is all laid out for you and there is plenty of flexibility.  You should eat all your suggested servings in order to stick to this Mediterranean diet (40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% good fat).  You should not feel hungry, in fact some people have to eat more than they normally do.

What happens if I eat something that is not on the list?

Each day, you will track your “points” on an Excel sheet (to be submitted at the end of the Challenge).  Each day you start with 5 points for diet.  If you eat one food that is not on the list, or an extra serving of food, you lose 1 point.  If you eat a 2nd food, then you lose a 2nd point.  In this case, you would record 3/5 for points at the end of the day.

The point system will be explained at the Kick Off Party.  Do your best to attend, or let Jesse know if you need to come in a different day.

Now that you know how easy it can be to incorporate new daily habits, do you accept our Challenge?

Individual members $35

Group of 2 or more $25 each

In health,

Naturopathic Living | Unionville Markham Naturopath | Dr. Natalie Cheng-Kai-On

Natalie Cheng-Kai-On, ND, BSc, RAc

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Registered Acupuncturist