Getting Your Health Write!

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by Dr. Daniel Soubhi Sima’an BSc, ND
Naturopathic Doctor

Perhaps one of the most meaningful forms of introspection is journaling. From childhood diaries to historical records, putting the details of your life on paper can be an extremely important and meaningful experience. This can be a particularly helpful tool in terms of medical care as well. A couple of salient applications include monitoring weight loss, dietary changes as well as monitoring symptoms of a particular condition.

In my personal and clinical experience I have found great success and fulfillment. In monitoring how much I eat, what I eat and also monitoring how I feel about my own progress it has provided a proverbial mirror to the soul and shown to be a relatively objective measure of my own successes and failures. I was able to see what I ate and how it affected me, and was shown the details of my own life that I often ignore or glaze over in times of solitude and reflection. As such I’ve found journaling to be a fundamental and extremely helpful tool in my personal growth.

All in all, from this particular application to the many others, journaling can be an important and extremely helpful exercise particularly when paired up with a compassionate and comprehensive practitioner such as those at Naturopathic Living, we look forward to your next visit and would love to try out some journaling with you!

Dr. Daniel Soubhi Sima’an ND